About me

My Name is Maxime Véroone. I’m a 30-something Linux Systems Engineer at Capensis. Along the years, I’ve work on IT in hosting, retail, ISP among other smaller missions.

My favourite domains are Automation, Monitoring and more generally, problem-solving. Recently, I’ve started getting my mind into the SRE model, even though we haven’t reached that philosophy yet.

On the personal side of things, you’ll soon discover if you browse my Twitter account (where, disclaimer, I do not talk about IT at all), that I’m a pretty fervent leftist. I stand in favor of more divesity, more socialism, and generaly, against capitalism as a system.

Why this website

We all know that engineering today, especially in IT and Operations, is more about being able to look for a solution on Stack Overflow or your favourite Search Engine, rather than pure knowledge. Even though it requires knowledge and experience to make these pieces of information into a working solution.

But some times, the solution just can’t be found. Either what you’re found is slightly different from the problem at hands, or there’s just nothing. I’ll try to post here how I solved the problem when I had to figure it out on my own, especially if I struggled.

Please don’t hesitate to reach me, preferably on Twitter, if you have remarks or questions about what you’ve read here.